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Red Shark Enjoy Surf Bike

With the Red Shark Enjoy You can look forward to unprecedented adventures. The pedal boat is suitable for travelling long distances, allowing you to reach places you have never been before.


Red Shark Fitness Surf Bike

Looking for a sporty pedal boat? Then the Red Shark Fitness Inflatable Perhaps this is the right model for you. The waterbike consists of a SUP board with a detachable lightweight bicycle frame on top.


Red Shark Adventure Surf Bike

With the Red Shark Adventure Inflatable you will cycle over the water without any effort. This beautiful model has everything you need for a comfortable ride on the water.

What exactly is a Red Shark Bikes?

A Red Shark Bikes is a SUP board with a special bicycle frame mounted on it. When you arrive on location, you pump up the unique board and then attach it to the special bicycle frame using the fastening straps included.

A big advantage of this is that you can easily transport the board in a storage bag and carry the frame on a regular bicycle rack. This way you can take the waterbike everywhere with you and get to special locations. With a Red Shark Bikes, you will have many new adventures and unique experiences on the water.

Incredible possibilities

With a Red Shark Bikes you can not only cycle on the water, but there are also other possibilities. The SUP board is very versatile and you can use it in 6 different ways.

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